Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School Volunteers: Bringing to life our core value of Community

On behalf of the students and staff of the Needham Schools, allow me to extend my gratitude and thanks to the many volunteers who have given of their time and talents over the last year to improve teaching and learning in our community.

Our volunteers, who come from all walks of life, work as aides in elementary classrooms, provide math support and enrichment in the middle schools, run a before-school math enrichment program at Newman, support the high school robotics team, do project and preparation work in the Science Center, provide clerical support in our school offices, staff the Math Resource Room at NHS, and they offer countless hours and devotion to the Needham Public Schools.

Thanks for all you do!

Xenia Kwee
Barbara Levine
Bill Connerney
Carol Reinhardt
Cathy Krueger
Elizabeth Handler
Jack Carr
Jay Pasco-Anderson
Jim Kreidler
Larry Wetmore
Mary Kreidler
MaryBeth Mittaz
Neil Stigliano
Peg Hohler
Susan Spence
Tom Ferriero
Wendy Sheehan
Xenia Kwee
Anne Hurwitch
Barbara Bergquist
Bill Sloane
Carol McHugh
Cissy Kottman
Dan Kilburn
David Loeser
Dayna Gill
Gail Lehman
Gayle Dempsey
Jo Anne McDevitt
Jocylyn Bailin
John DioDato
Joseph Lynch
Joyce Jacobson
Judi LongJulia Castiglia
Julie Hannon
Kay Malouf
Kristina Krok
Laurie Wilson
Louise Chapman
Lynn Angel
Margaret Wermer
Mariapaz Casado
Mary Kordas
Maureen Doherty
Peter Mesnik
Reuth Nir
Richard Kesner
Richard McLaughry
Ruth Roblin
Sally  Powers
Sandy McGinnes
Sarah Winig
Sheldon Apsell
Shirley Converse
Susan Anderson
Susan Eyler
Anne Schiraga
Annmarie Babcia
Dave Nikolajczyk
Elizabeth Lee
Frederick Malouf
Julia Baratowski
Martin Yapp
Pat Howe
Richard Derby
Susan McGarvey
Zahra Haghighatjoo

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities in the Needham Public Schools, please check out our website for additional information:  NPS Volunteer Opportunities

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  1. HI Daniel,
    I would gladly volunteer to speak to students about English. I am a Needham resident, raised in Ireland and had the first book of my series published last year. It is an adventure series set in ideal variations of our world geared towards the 10-15 age group. It is called Birthright. You can contact me on if interested.. best of luck..