Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thank You, Needham! Next Steps!

On April 8th, Needham voters, once again, stepped up to support the community’s students and schools by passing an override to extend the school day and provide new and innovative programming for elementary students. 

I want to commend and thank parents and the community for their incredible and ongoing support of the Needham Public Schools!  I am honored to work in a community where citizens, including neighbors, parents, staff, and Town Boards—especially the School Committee, Finance Committee, and Selectmen—work so hard to understand the issues and collaborate closely to identify creative solutions, especially when it comes to addressing the needs and aspirations of our young people.  Thank you for providing the resources we will need to extend the school day at the elementary and middle school levels and offer additional elementary programs, including the arts, technology, and Spanish. 

Now the hard work begins if we are to be prepared for the opening of a new school year in September! 

In the weeks and months ahead I will share with parents, students, and staff the details around programs and schedules as they become available.  Currently administrators and teachers are working to plan new programs, hire the teachers required at the elementary level, and plan for the teacher and staff training needed to implement the extended day program in a meaningful and successful way.  We are excited to tackle this work, knowing that we have a unique opportunity to infuse innovation and new levels of collaboration into our school day for all students and staff.

One significant change that parents and students must prepare for at all levels is a change in the daily schedule, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels.  Please refer to the new time schedule below:

Needham Public Schools 2014-2015 School Start & End Times

8:45 - 3:10
8:20 - 2:45
8:20 - 2:45
8:20 - 2:45
8:20 - 2:45
8:45 - 3:10
Broadmeadow, Eliot, Hillside, Mitchell Kindergarten a.m./ p.m.
8:20 - 11:03/12:02 -2:45
Newman Kindergarten a.m./ p.m.
8:45 - 11:28/12:27 - 3:10
High Rock
7:40 - 2:10
7:50 - 2:20
Needham High School

8:00 - 2:35
Needham High School

 8:35 - 2:35

Beginning in September 2014 the elementary school day will be 25 minutes longer, and the middle school day will end ten minutes later.  In addition, each Friday morning at Needham High School, classes will begin at 8:35 a.m. to give teachers and staff time to meet and plan together.  And while NHS will only participate in a few early release professional development days, the elementary and middle schools will continue to have scheduled early release and delayed opening professional development.  This means that while elementary and middle school students will be dismissed early on some days, high school students will remain in classes until the conclusion of the school day, 2:35 p.m.

Over the summer principals will send out additional information about schedules and meetings.  If you have specific questions, please contact your child’s school directly for more information. Thanks again to a generous and involved community that invests wisely in our most precious resource:  Needham’s young people!

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