Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 Survey Results: We Hear You!

 We are committed to gathering the perspectives of parents, staff, and students to better understand our strengths and challenges as a district.

2,351 parents of students in grades 3-12 recently completed the District Survey—an impressive 55.4% response rate compared with 52% when the survey was last administered in 2013. We combined the results of the Parent Survey with responses from 3,974 Students and 637 Staff (a response rate exceeding 90% in both cases!) to measure progress towards the District goals.

As promised, we are sharing the results of the survey with Needham Public Schools’ parents, students and staff. Here are highlights of key findings for the district:

Evidence of Progress Toward the District Goals (average “agree/strongly agree” of Parents, Students, Staff responses)

Goal 1 - Advance Learning for All Students:
School sets high academic standards/Teachers want me to do well in school: 95%
Staff/School Administrators are responsive to input from parents: 93% (item not in Student survey)
Students understand how to use online tools responsibly / digital citizenship: 92%
Staff care about how much students learn/Teachers care about how much I learn: 92%

Goal 2 - Develop Social, Emotional Wellness and Citizenship Skills:
·I feel welcome at my (child’s) school/My school is a good place to work and learn: 94%
·My child is (students are) not fearful of being hurt by other students: 93%
·School staff (adults in my school) seem to work well with one another: 93%

Goal 3 - Ensure Infrastructure Supports District Values and Learning Goals:
·I am satisfied with the district administration services: 93% (item not in Student survey)
·The school library/media center is meeting my child’s (students’) needs / Media Center has the books and materials I need for school: 93%
·The district website provides me with useful information: 92% (item not in Student survey)
·I am satisfied with the administration at my (my child’s) school: 91% (item not in Student survey)

Areas Needing Attention (average “agree/strongly agree” of Parents, Students, Staff responses)

·Homework furthers learning: 74%
·Info on student progress: 73%
·Adequate space to meet instructional needs: 66%
·Not feeling stressed or overwhelmed by school: 51%

The voices of our parents, students and staff have been heard! The district survey allows our school district to celebrate strengths and respond to goal areas needing attention. Over the next several months we will engage the School Committee, parents, staff, students, and our School Councils in analyzing the survey findings in depth and incorporate the data, and appropriate action steps, into our school improvement plans.

To view a presentation of the survey results, check out the District’s website: 2016 Needham Public Schools Survey Results Presentation

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