Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thanks and Congratulations to Retiring Staff!

The Retiring Class of 2018!
At our recent Retirement Reception we honored several NPS staff retiring at year's end.  Together they represent over 289 years of service to our students and the profession:  Diane Alessi, Newman, Tom Campbell, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources,  Suzanne Eaton, Pollard, Seth Evans, Mitchell,Amy Flax, Broadmeadow, Eric Frere, High Rock and Pollard, Paula Hartstein, Mitchell, Wendy Hodge, High School, Caryl Johnson, Newman, Linda Nickens,Newman, Joan Scheffler, Newman, Elaine Tenaglia, Newman, Margaret Thompson, Broadmeadow, Regi Thornton, Eliot, Dianne Yearwood, High School.

During the reception we reflected on the service of each individual and I offered the following remarks:

“… And yet, beyond all of your professional and technical expertise—your life’s purpose has been to inspire and ignite a generation of young people.  Young people who, from time to time, may forget some of the lessons you taught or the wounds you healed, but they, like we, will always remember and be encouarged by your sense of dedication, high expectations, hope and love.

Thank you for your deep commitment to the Needham Public Schools; thank you for sharing your lives with so many young people and adults, believing in them so that they, in turn, can develop the skills, creativity, a mindset, and the perspective to grow, flourish, and contribute to make our world a better and more just place.”

We wish our retirees well and thank them for their dedication and service!

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